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apple laptop service center Bangladesh


We are one of the leading Mac book service providers in Bangladesh.

Our specialties are reliable services and timely delivery at affo

rdable prices. We focus on quality service to all types of laptops, irrespective of their make and model. Laptop service bd  through it is professional repair center aims to provide top class service to its customers.

We can repair almost all brands of laptop . We work by the rule of ‘NO FIX NO FEE’ Our dedicated sourcing office in Bangladesh for laptop parts helps us remain ahead of our competition in sourcing parts at good rates and getting the rarest of components on time. Customers will find that we have the best prices for all laptop parts like: Laptop/Notebook lcds Laptop/Notebook keyboards Laptop/Notebook Drives Laptop/Notebook Power Adaptors /Chargers Laptop/Notebook Batteries.

Our Specialities:

  • Broken Laptop Panel Reworking
  • Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Service
  • Laptop Motherboard BGA Rework
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