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Laptop servicing price in Dhaka Bangladesh

OS Reinstall (w/o HD) 500 Taka
Screen Replacement charge 500+Taka minimum
Keyboard Replacement 300 Taka if don’t need to open laptop body. if need to open full body then 1,000 Taka.
Hinge Repair 2,500 Taka
Motherboard Repair 2,500 Taka minimum*
Touchpad Replacement 2,000 Taka*
Water Damage need to check
Virus Removal 1,000 Taka
Data Transfer per hours 800 Taka
Battery replacement internal battery 1,000 Taka
Fan Replacement 1,000 Taka + fan cost
Power Jack Repair 1,500 Taka
Misc. Repair 1,500 Taka
Memory Upgrade 500-800 + Memory cost
Upgrade to SSD 500-800 taka + ssd cost
CD/DVD Drive Installation or Replacement 500 taka + DVD Writer cost

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